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Year's FREE Haircuts anyone?

Year's FREE Haircuts anyone?  Year's FREE Hairdressing anyone?  Ladies, Gentlemen, Girls and Boys; do you have a friend, neighbour, brother, sister etc who's a great hairdresser  and would… read more

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  • Dom Migele - Director - Senior Consultant

    meet the team

    Dom Migele - Director - Senior Consultant

    Salon owner & Director. Cut & Style price £51.00.

  • Donna - Team Designer

    meet the team

    Donna - Team Designer

    Migele team member for 7 years. Principal Trainer. Cut & Style £39.75. 

  • Ria - Designer

    meet the team

    Ria - Designer

    Member of Migele Team for 5 years. Kerastase ambassador and excels in Mens’ hair. Cut & Style £34.75

  • Michelle - Designer

    meet the team

    Michelle - Designer

    Michelle has 10 years hairdressing experience. Cut & Style £34.75

  • Jay - Designer

    meet the team

    Jay - Designer

    Hairdressing 6 years experience. Newly returned from maternity leave and raring to go! Cut & Style £34.75

  • Laurie - Salon Stylist

    meet the team

    Laurie - Salon Stylist

    Hairdressing experience of 4 years. Excels in Blowdries. Cut & Style £29.75

  • Matt - Graduate Stylist

    meet the team

    Matt - Graduate Stylist

    Recently completed his META training and has been a member at Migele for 4 years.

    Cut & Style £24.50

  • Mairi - META

    meet the team

    Mairi - META

    Recently completed her training and has been a member of Migele for 3 years.

    Cut & Style (META) £12.

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