My Colourful Hair

My Colourful Hair


Summertime brightens up our mood and inspires us to wear clothes which are lighter and brighter. So it is with hair- you maybe thought about shocking pink but you know you’d definetly go for ‘Baby Blue.’


But its not just a case of closing your eyes wishing for the colour and you’re transformed, if only it was that easy but its not.

To get the perfect pastel shade you need the perfect blonde base and although you want your dream colour you also want and need to have the perfect condition.

Well that’s possible now with SMARTBOND added to each colour formula ensuring that the condition of your hair is even better than it was before you had colour applied.

And of course if you want to dip your crowning glory into the rainbow, we now have another L’Oreal breakthrough with Mycolorfulhair giving you an amazing choice of rainbow colours whether it be crimson, cobalt blue or mint green.


We have a great team of colorists here headed by our L’Oreal colour specialist Michelle Turpie.

You are always welcome to pop in and have a complimentary colour consultation.  

You can still have FUN this summer whilst getting the summertime blues!


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