Is SULPHATE SHAMPOO Bad for your hair ?

With the increasing popularity in ‘Sulphate Free Shampoo’ , this has to be the most often asked question from our clients.

So what’s all the fuss about Sulphate Free Shampoo and are they really bad for your hair and scalp?

Sulphate shampoos’ can be an irritant, dry out both your hair and scalp and can also sting your eyes!

Sulphate Free formulas are much milder and therefore don’t strip out the natural oils in the hair and skin and when used on Coloured hair are much less aggressive, reducing the FADE often associated with harsh products.  To keep your lovely new COLOUR it makes so much sense to use a Sulphate Free Shampoo to help maintain its shine and density.

Here are some of the Products we stock for you to choose from:

Kerastase – Aura Botanica Micellar Shampoos – £21.20      Suitable for ALL hair types and containing a coconut cleansing agent, this shampoo leaves your hair feeling silky soft.

Kerastase  –  Discipline Shampoo  –  £19.50     Perfect for Frizzy or Rebellious hair

L’Oreal Source – £18  thereafter £16 for refills   For Daily, Delicate & Nourishing

Windle & Moodie  –  A choice of 5 shampoos for specific hair types  –  £18 to £24

Why not drop in anytime (without obligation) for a complementary Hair & Scalp analysis to help you choose the best one for You.

I hope you have found this subject interesting and I am happy to help you with any concerns you may have regarding your hair”



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